Would you cycle up "Mount Everest"?

20 August 2020

There is a biking challenge known as "Everesting" - climbing hill repeats that equal in distance to the climb up Mount Everest - the trend is catching on and records are falling rapidly.

“Everesting” is straightforward: Pick a hill, any hill, and go up and down it until you attain 29,029 feet of climbing. Friends can support you, but you must do it under your own power and in a single effort — no sleeping.

The challenge was created by Andy van Bergen in 2014.  van Bergen is from Melbourne, Australia and has aquired a reputation there as being a true aficiando of hill, leading the Hells 500 cycling club, known for devilishly difficult riding.

After reading an article by George Mallory, grandson of the mountaineer, van Bergen became captivated by the challenge that Mallory had accomplished whilst training for the 1994 Everest expedition - Mallory wrote that he had Everested by cycling up Mount Donna Buang, outside Melbourne.

The ledger of 10,391 successful attempts is kept at a "hall of fame" at the website  Everesting.cc.  Van Bergen verifies the completions using GPS data.

For years, Everesting was the exclusive terrain of a niche corner of ultraclimbers, but then the pandemic hit.

With races and events cancelled or postponed, thousands of athletes in peak form turned to alternative challenges, with new zeal for Everesting.

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