E-Bike Care During Winter

1 March 2024

E-biking is supposed to be a convenient and fun experience. But how do you keep enjoying your ride when the temperature drops? Taking care of your e-bike during winter will ensure consistent performance and a more pleasurable ride and increase your bike's longevity. 

Dan from Shimano has this great advice.

“Winter can be a harsh challenge for e-bikes, but with proper care and attention, your e-bike can be a reliable companion throughout these colder months," Dan explains. “Firstly, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for battery care during winter. Keep your battery at the recommended temperature, normally a comfortable indoor temperature of 10-20 degrees Celsius, and make sure you still stick to the charging and discharge cycles, even if you are riding less.” It applies to all bikes, especially e-bikes, “washing and caring for your bike through the winter is really important. Water, mud, and salt from the road can cause damage if you don’t wash and lubricate properly. Once your bike is clean, wipe down the frame with PTFE lubricant to stop contaminants from sticking to it, making your next wash easier,”

It’s not just in the workshop that you can take better care of your bike, “be sympathetic to your drivetrain and use the full range of gears rather than relying on the motor to change speed. It will improve your cycling as you are using your bike the way it is designed to be ridden, and it will ensure your drive train components wear equally, helping them to last longer.”

Finally, Dan reminds us of the necessity of safety checks. “Harsh winter conditions mean you should check your e-bike before every ride. Grit and salt are especially bad for brake pads, so you need to keep an eye on them. If you aren’t confident checking your bike, take it to a reputable bike shop. If you bring your bike to us, we go through specific tips and teach you about the care of your own bike so you can have a better cycling experience all year round.”

Prepare for winter 

Turns out that preparing your bike for winter at the start of the season is time well spent. Consider winter-specific tires with extra puncture resistance and tread patterns designed for grip in wet or slippery conditions. You might even want ice spikes depending on how much freezing weather your area experiences.

Wet roads, especially if treated with grit and salt, can accelerate wear on your bike components. Use a slightly heavier oil that offers excellent protection, and try to clean your bike more regularly than in summer.

Beat the cold by e-bike

Preparations may seem demanding, but the gratification of winter e-biking is worth it. It’s easy to stop when the weather gets bad, but maintaining your cycling habit through the winter months means you will continue to get all the health benefits of e-biking.

Time outside in natural light helps improve your mood and sense of well-being, especially in the long dark days of winter and winter. E-biking can help burn off some of the seasonal excesses we enjoy, keeping you fit and trim for spring.

The right choice of clothing easily beats cold weather. Layers are essential to add or remove clothing to help regulate your temperature. Technical fabrics are amazing for keeping out the wind and insulating your body, so it is worth investing in a decent cycling-specific jacket.

One of the advantages of an e-bike in winter is that you can control how much effort you make. If you want your body to work harder, you can use eco-mode; more input from you will raise your heart rate and your body temperature. However, if you want to avoid the chill and dampness caused by sweat, you can get an extra boost from your e-bike.