Dogs and Bikes - are they compatible?

4 September 2020

Are you a cyclist?  Do you frequently walk your dog in an area where you meet cyclists?  Here are some tips to help keep your dog (and cyclists) safe.

Different dogs will react in different ways - unbothered, terrified or even wanting to chase.  If your dog is nervous around bikes, it will always be best to keep them on a lead if you are in an area where cyclists also use the paths, unless you can see a clear path ahead of you.  Doing this will limit the chances of your dog being startled.

Always stay alert on your walks, as cyclists could approach from behind and make little to no noise.

If you dog is particularly nervous, you can buy accessories to warn others to let them know this.

Keeping to well known areas when it's quieter will also help - when your dog is comfortable with the surroundings, they will be more relaxed and less likely to get startled.

If you have a bike of your own, you can introduce them to it slowly to get them used to seeing it.  Then start by pushing it along next to you while someone else controls the dog, so that they get used to the slight noise and movements of the bike.  The next stage would be to cycle past your dog slowly to judge reactions - get them to sit and stay whilst the bike goes past - and don't forget to praise them and give them a treat!

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